Gentlemen and their style and elegance is more often than not related to some old classic ways. The first image that comes to your mind is that of some old famous personality/ royalty impeccably dressed, with several people to attend to him and possibly not need to work for a living.  Far from the reality in the current day context though. But what is the relevance of Gentlemen and style today?

A hundred years ago, a gentleman was a man of high social position and wealth. Even today dictionaries still retain this definition but there is much more to being a gentleman than mere courtesy, traditional acts of chivalry or honour. These days, it is no longer reserved to be used for men of wealth and aristocracy alone. We feel, the term has a far more egalitarian meaning and you have to earn it rather than acquire it with sheer money or power alone.

We firmly believe any man can be a gentleman if he wants to be, but it’s not a small undertaking. It’s a journey, something that a man continually strives to be, rather than a destination. A gentleman can be

  1. An Ordinary man who need not be ideal in every way but takes ownership and responsibility for his actions and approach to the world
  2. One with high standards. He pushes for the best for himself and everyone he cares about and does not want to compromise on the quality, value and functionality of the things he chooses for himself.
  3. One who makes an effort to be well dressed at all times. He is appropriately attired for every occasion and has his own distinct style and tastes. His choices are made carefully and he avoids being swayed by what some one else does unless he feels it is relevant to him and his needs. He is aware that beyond his skills, intellect and abilities, his clothes help him carry the personality as seen by the world. Dressing well is a point of pride and importance for a gentleman as it demonstrates his personality and taste.
  4. One who has good manners and is courteous, polite and respectful. Prefers an equitable conversation at every instant possible.
  5. Open Minded and believes that his opinions and knowledge has room for improvement and questions. He strives to learn more and experiment new ideas and displays maturity to appreciate alterative perspectives and views in every walk of life. His entire demeanour including his choice of his mind markedly.
  6. Interesting and well informed. He is not the one to get lost in the cycle of eat –sleep-work that denies the opportunity to explore new and interesting things. A man, who can strike a conversation on a variety of subjects, actively seeks to grow and cultivate more knowledge for his own character building and enjoyment. Hobbies and interest reveal his passions and areas that mean more to him in life.
  7. Finally, matches his action with words. He is not the one to speak words only to appease some but makes promises that he intends to keep. Treats everyone around him irrespective of their role, title alike and with respect and dignity.  He does not believe the world is a zero sum game, nor does he believe that putting someone else down will give him an edge.
  8. A gentleman clearly recognises the difference between arrogance and confidence and wields power with a meaning and deep responsibility.