Ceil Blue Twill Pin Multistripes

Ceil Blue Twill Pin Multistripes

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  • ₹4,299.00
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  • Brand: Signatario
  • Product Code: 6426FrRSTBL
  • Color: Blue
  • Pattern: Stripes
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Availability: In Stock
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Simple, Elegant and striking is how this shirt can be described best, The shine and smooth feel is a delight to the wearer. 


• Top 1% luxury cotton at 120 thread counts, 2-Ply, Silk like feel & lustre,
• Regular Fit and Regular Arm Length (see chart)
• Straight Point Collar – Perfect for a Tie & Suit as well
• Superior Collar Fusing for a firm collar that never droops;
• Split-yoke shoulder construction for maximum arm movement comfort and beauty
• Flat seam with imported superfine threads (over 19 stitches to an inch)

Wash Care:
Machine or hand wash in cold water. Hang dry in shade. Remove collar stays before wash. Avoid excessive heat and use steam or spray water for easy ironing.

Frequent Question on this Product:

  • Why are collar stays detachable in your shirts? - Collar Stays give the firmness to the collars and is more useful when worn without a tie or in very windy places. They are removable because they are not be meant to be in when you iron your shirts especially. While they may get detached from the sockets while you wash them, these are plastic stays which may be inadvertently subjected to intense heat while ironing the collars. Such an act will destroy your shirt's collars as the plastic may melt and fuse to the fabric etc. Gentlemen over time get used to the practice of keeping the stays aside and remove the stays before having the washed. Likewise every well ironed shirt before being worn has the stays inserted. A simple practice and habit which appears additional work only for a few days. 
  • Some cheap shirts may offer thinner stays inside the collar so as to avoid the practice of removing stays every time you wash. But such shortcuts come with a huge compromise on the collar firmness and invariable problems of loose stay inside the layers of collar etc. Poor shirt making practice and is seldom followed by high quality shirt brands.

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