Fit & Size Guide

How Do I Know my FIT and Size at Signatario?

Here is a quick summary video which will help you know and decide the size you need to buy at Signatario. It can help those who may find it difficult to check the detailed measurements given below.

A Detailed understanding of FIT and SIZE

All Signatario shirts are sized by the measurement of the collar band (button hole to button hole) in cms. We offer a Regular Fit with Regular Arm length and in the sizes 39, 40, 42, 44 and 46.

We believe a good fit and right size is the minimum for a customer who is interested in Signatario Shirts. While the best way would be to try one, we like to make it as simple and intuitive as it can get for you to make a confident choice

All our shirts are sized by the measurement of the collar band (button hole to button) in centimetres (cms).  Therefore our sizes are 39, 40, 42, 44 and 46.  An equivalent in inches for the benefit of our customers in the UK and USA can be read from the table below.

It is important to know how to measure your size right to ensure you remain sure and happy with your choice over the internet.

How to arrive at your Shirt Size?

Collar size (in Cms)Collar size (in Inches)
3915 1/2"
4216 1/2"

Note:  Our Primary measurements are in cms.  Equivalent inch sizes are derived numbers.

What is a Regular Fit?

Fits are often times different in different brands. Understanding Fits in Shirts will help you see things simple and as it should be seen. The accepted first principles used globally for Fits see Fits as three distinct types. The SLIM FIT, is one where there is a significant taper (inward) from the chest and waist and is less abundant on the arm hole and the chest. Typically this fit is preferred by those who carry a very athletic build and prefer a very hugging fit.  A REGULAR Fit works best for most men who may want to gently cover the bit more on the arms, chest and waist besides not preferring to wear their shirts too tight to the body. The LOOSE fit typically has the waist taper away significantly from the chest to accommodate a larger than ordinary stomach and waist.

Signatario Shirts at the moment are offered on in REGULAR FIT. An easy measurement check on the shirt that is in your wardrobe and fits you well is likely to help you understand the fit on your Signatario shirt best. How and where to make the measurements on the shirt can be found easily with the sketch below.

Quick Measurement Tips

Not all the dimensions above is important for a layman. But In less than 3 minutes you can DIY check the minimum dimensions you may need to confirm your choice of Signatario Shirt.

Dimension L – Important to determine size of the shirt. Best done on the neck as suggested in header How to arrive at your Shirt Size?

Dimension D – Sleeve Length to ensure it within reason of the length you require. If you are taller than average people wearing your shirt (neck) size, this may be critical for your choice

Dimension A – Chest. This is important if you are particularly lean. Our Regular Fit may appear more than abundant around your chest for a very skinny person.

Dimension B – Total length of the shirt. If you are very much taller than most men who wear your size of shirt this dimension may be important to ensure that it covers your torso in full.

Most other dimensions have been arrived at having surveyed hundreds of customer body profiles are typically in proportion to the critical dimensions mentioned above.

Lastly, if you are in doubt at any point in time, drop us a note/email( us(+91 022 25702884/ +91 9819384281). We will be happy to guide you to understand the Size and Fit checks you need to be sure of before your purchase. We prefer to ensure you have complete information before you purchase on the internet to ensure what you get is what you expect which is the first step to satisfactory experience.