Delivery Policy

Free Shipping is available for all shipments within India, We are able to deliver your purchases within 1-3 business days.

From September 2017, we deliver to our customers Worldwide. We serve customers from increasingly new destinations globally and use Global Express Speed Post Services. Delivery times vary between 3-10 business days depending on the locations. Shipments are charged to our customers at actual Postage costs to their destinations.

Any import duties or additional taxes that recipient countries may charge is not factored and is the responsibility of customers to pay and clear the goods at destination. Most countries exempt personal e-commerce shipments from import duties limited by certain minimum values. While it will be best to check locally to be sure on current rules and implications as a guideline, and easy reference, you may refer this chart. These are information from public domains and we do not guarantee its accuracy. Individual countries often issue amendments to their local guidelines governing shipments.

Purchase, Exchange & Refund Policy

Our goal is a well informed voluntary purchase and a happy customer. We strive to offer consistent high quality products and ensure that there is zero defect tolerance at our end.  We go the extra mile to provide more details on the product, fit, size, and material than most other brands to help you make the right decision. We do not believe in thrusting a sale on you ever.

However, there are times of doubts and errors that come in when you make a purchase. This makes it fair to have an exchange / refund policy. We offer a 7- day return plan. (Applicable only within India, We are unable to accommodate overseas returns due to complications with customs and duties involved)

1. You can return the shirt(s) in complete original and unused condition with the original packaging to us within 7 days of receipt. Drop us a note on your intent to return with details of your name, invoice no and date, and product details at feedback@signatario.co.in

2. You can send the goods by courier/post (at your cost), to us at “Signatario”, Chevalier Designs, G 72 Heera Panna Shopping Centre, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400076, India. (Ph: +91 9819384281).

3. If you are unable to send the shirts back on your own, let us know if we can help you with a pick up from your address. Our carrier will pick it up and we will debit the charges from the refund due.

4. Once the shirts are received at our end in good condition, we will immediately inform you on our disposition and effect the exchange or refund.

5. Our intention is to be fair and even to all sides. We will more than accommodate genuine concerns while keep a good distance from others.

Privacy Policy

We record your login details for better customer service and ensuring that you get to know of the best and latest offerings. We do not want to reside on your personal devices and track your habits. Neither do we share the details with any third party for any purpose. Your details remain secured and only for the intended purpose you share them with us.